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Jan 12, 1856 - Apr 14, 1925, was an American painter.

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76182 Alexander Coosemans Alexander Coosemans Alexander Coosemans Oil on canvas, 57.7 x 84.8 cm cyf
74962 Fruchtestillleben mit Hummer Alexander Coosemans Fruchtestillleben mit Hummer Frechtestillleben mit Hummer, vergoldetem Akelei-Pokal, großer chinesischer Porzellanschessel, silberner Tazza, Flechtkorb und Bierglas. Oil on canvas, 57.9 X 84.9 cm
76555 Fruchtestillleben mit Hummer Alexander Coosemans Fruchtestillleben mit Hummer Oil on canvas, 57.9 ?? 84.9 cm cyf

Alexander Coosemans
(1627, Antwerp - 1689, Antwerp), was a Flemish Baroque painter. According to the RKD he was registered as a pupil of Jan Davidsz de Heem in 1641 and in 1645 he became a master in the Guild of St. Luke.He travelled to Rome in 1649 but was back in Antwerp in 1651. He painted flowers, fruit, and inanimate subjects, and flourished in the Netherlands about 1630. Fruit subjects by him are in the Augsburg Gallery and the Belvedere at Vienna. In the Madrid Gallery there is a fruit-piece attributed to a J. D. Cooseman, who is said to have flourished in the Netherlands in the 17th century: and in the Bordeaux Museum, a fruit-piece ascribed to a N. Coosman. He was followed by Hendrik Schoock.
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